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Who would want to buy Instagram video views and why?

Video is very popular on social media right now, and many people are watching the impressions metric. If you’re having trouble with that number, you may be wondering if it’s worthwhile to pay for IG video views.

In fact, this is a great way to raise your standing with the site’s algorithms, so you can receive instant organic fans as well. People who need to increase their online following—such as business owners, authors, artists, musicians, and aspiring influencers—use this method to get their videos in front of more viewers.

Remember that the average Insta user now spends more than half their time on the platform watching videos. So it’s important to make your vids distinctive, unique, and memorable. But after you do that, you still need to make people view them. Other than bugging your friends and family, it can be hard to gain viewers in the beginning, because the site shows videos that already have a lot of hits to more people. For this reason, some Instagrammers turn to paid metrics to overcome this disadvantage.

What are the reasons to purchase real video viewership on IG and how does that work?

There are many reasons to get cheap Instagram views. Here are some of the pros:

  • Insta has an algorithm that favors posts that already have a lot of viewers.
  • This circular logic helps the already-popular earn more stats for doing nothing.
  • By buying cheap views on Instagram videos, you may be able to circumvent the problem.
  • Buying from a reputable site like protects you from many of the potential cons (see below).
  • Your order is safe and secure.
  • Great for people who need viewership for work or sharing their artistic endeavors.
  • Also ideal for promoting products you have for sale.
  • Helps improve your video’s virality.
  • It’s also an ideal solution for people trying to grow their audience as an influencer.
  • Helps entrepreneurs and entertainers grow a fan base for themselves or their companies.

However, in some situations there can be downsides. Here are some of the possible cons when you buy IG views:

  • Getting in trouble with Insta. They don’t mind if you purchase views, but who you get them from can cause you difficulties with the website, so be careful.
  • If you have a lot of bot viewers, you risk looking like all your fans are bots, because most of them are.
  • Some people have problems with getting scammed by a disreputable site that doesn’t deliver high-quality views.
  • Insecure sites may also fail to protect your payment and personal information.

So what’s the best way to receive the cheapest viewership?

Just go to, and follow these fast, simple steps to buy Real Instagram views:

  • Choose how many inexpensive hits you need at the moment.
  • After picking a package, you’ll be asked to copy and paste your IG profile link.
  • Select the video to apply watchers to.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your payment info.
  • After your payment goes through, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an estimated time for your order delivery.
  • Ordering should take only a few minutes or less.

Why is the best place to purchase cheap views on Instagram videos?

Unlike many other services, we use only real accounts that belong to real people. This prevents issues like Insta banning an account for having too many bot or fake fans watching their videos. We also have excellent customer service and provide the safest way to gain hits for your account.

What is the cost to buy cheap Instagram views?

Our low-cost options give everyone a chance to affordably receive more IG viewers. Prices vary with the market, but you can easily get several hundred hits for less than $5 or $10. We also frequently run specials or offer coupons to help you save even more money on our already low-priced viewing solutions.

Is it okay to buy cheap Instagram video views or could this cause problems?

Yes, is both the cheapest way and the safest option to buy IG views. Because Insta is only concerned with fake or bot accounts, you will not have any problem. With our no bot policy, our viewers are all real accounts. You also have the option to spread your targeted watchers over multiple videos or photos if you want, to make your increase look more natural.


Is it legal to buy views on Instagram?

Yes. IG is a private company and can make its own rules about what users can do on the site. Their official policy doesn’t say that you can’t pay for hits. However, they will delete any accounts exhibiting bot-like behavior, and if too many of these accounts are watching your video, they may delete you too. Paying for viewership isn’t the problem—they just don’t want anyone to encourage bots behaving badly. Fortunately, all our users are legit accounts, so you don’t have to worry.

What payment options can I use?

At this time you can pay for Instagram views with any credit card backed by VISA or Mastercard. In the future, we hope to add more options, including cryptocurrency.

Do you need my username and password to start viewership delivery?

No, and you should hit the back button in a hurry if any site that sells views for Instagram asks for this info. All we need is the link to your video/s so users know what to watch.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes, you can order as many hits as you like, at once or in separate orders. You can also make a new order each time you post a new video.

Can I instantly purchase Instagram views if my account is set to private?

Unfortunately, no. Your account must be set to public until after delivery of hits is complete, so that our real viewers can find and watch your videos without issue. After delivery is finished you can return your account to private if you want.

Where are my low-cost watchers from?

Everywhere people can use IG. This includes popular countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, and many others. Having watchers from all over appears more natural to people looking at your account.

Can Insta block or remove video for which I bought views?

Again, while they can block or remove video for pretty much any reason they want, IG mostly focuses their efforts on bot activity. If your hits are from active, real accounts, they will leave you alone.

How soon can I expect delivery of the package I ordered?

It depends on order size, but when you buy views from us, most paid orders start to deliver within 10 minutes. Delivery will be gradual and natural-looking since we only use real accounts. If the estimated arrival window has ended and you don’t think you got all your watchers, please contact us for assistance.

Will it be obvious that I paid for watchers?

No. There’s no way anyone can tell for sure since your viewers are all real accounts. And because viewership comes in over a day or several, it looks more organic than if they all appear at once. If you’re concerned, you can also try spreading hits over multiple videos, so your account looks like it’s generally popular.

What if I want to buy Instagram views for a friend?

You can definitely do this. When we ask for an IG profile link, you can choose any account that’s set to public, and any video or videos on that account. So if you think a friend’s video deserves some attention, this is a great way to do it.

What if some of my hits disappear?

We have a 30-day guarantee on purchased viewership. If any of your hits disappear in this time period, contact us by e-mail and we’ll replace them for you.


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As a videographer I shoot wedding material and other celebrations. The number of orders had fallen sharply due to the pandemic and my colleague urged me to pay for the cheapest IG views here so that my latest video posts can be featured on the Explore page. There is no magic here, but I have more orders and things are not that terrible in business as they were before. Thank you for a service like this!


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